Wildlife Observation Mapping Tool

This site was established to provide a place for citizens to report their wildlife observations,  and thereby contribute to regional wildlife data collection efforts. Wild Things Unlimited has been working with numerous organizations to help develop and implement citizen science projects in the Northern Rocky Mountains.  Those groups, which encourage you to report your observations here, include:  Defenders Of Wildlife, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, The Wilderness Society, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Montana Wilderness Association, Craighead Institute, Wilderness & Recreation Partnership, Winter Wildlands Alliance, National Parks Conservation Association, Patagonia [Witness For Wildlife program], and the U.S. Forest Service (Gallatin and Helena National Forests). Specific wildlife research projects and associated data needs include:
  1. Wild Things Unlimited projects related to Rare Carnivores, Wildlife Corridors, and Gallatin Range Wildlife; seeking information related to wolverines, lynx, fishers, and grizzly bears;
  2. Craighead Institute’s Plight of the Pika Campaign; wanting your observations of pikas from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem;
  3. National Parks Conservation Association is involved in pronghorn conservation in the Yellowstone River Valley, and wants your observations of pronghorn from that area.
The geographic scope of this observation collection effort includes Montana and Wyoming portions of the northern Rocky Mountains, from Yellowstone National Park to Glacier National Park.  To help you orient yourself within the Mapping Tool, several general Mapping Regions have been included in the Jump to Location function:
  • South-Central Montana (the area East of a line from Helena to Three Forks to Madison Valley, and South of a line from Helena to Great Falls, to Yellowstone National Park and the Idaho border; includes the following mountain ranges:  Big Belt, Little Belt, Castle, Crazy, Bridger, Gallatin, Madison, Absaroka, and Beartooth).
  • South-Western Montana  (the area West of a line from Helena to Three Forks to the Madison Valley, and South of a line from Helena to Missoula;  includes the following mountain ranges and regions:   Continental Divide from MacDonald Pass to Homestake Pass, Elkhorn Mountains, Tobacco Root Mountains, Gravelly Range, Snowcrest Range, Tendoy Mountains, Beaverhead Mountains, Pioneer Mountains, Anaconda Range, Flint Creek Range, Bitterroot Mountains, and Sapphire Range).
  • North-Western Montana  (the area North of a line from Helena to Missoula, and West of a line from Helena to the Rocky Mountain Front; includes the following mountain ranges and regions:  Continental Divide north of Helena, to Glacier N.P., Flathead Range, Swan, Mission, Whitefish, Purcell, Salish, Cabinet, and Bitterroot Mountains).
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Glacier National Park
Click the button below to start entering your observations.  Your help is only four steps away:
  1. Login, or register first to set your login name and password.
  2. Use the map tools to locate the site of your observation.  The Jump to Location list will help you zoom into a general area.
  3. Select the red pin tool and click on the map to mark your observation.
  4. Fill out the wildlife observation form.


This tool has been adapted from the Miistakis Institute's Wildlife Observations Tool.